Carpets made prior to 1920 are classified as antique carpets. However, there are some exceptions as well. Some rural and/or tribal handicrafts carpets can be referred to as antique carpets up to 1935 on account of the backward living conditions of the civilizations which produced them. These types of carpets mainly disappeared or changed into a different type of handicraft over time. For example, through the introduction of cotton, the use of new or restyled patterns in place of traditional motifs, and fixed looms instead of portable looms etc…

Antique Sarug Carpet

Antique Sarug carpet


Antique Kirman Laver Rug

Antique Kirman Laver Carpet

Antique carpets that have been preserved up to modern times permit historical documentation of the culture and ethnography of lost populations and times. 

They generally come in the style and show the characteristics of handicrafts typical of the period in which they were produced; colours may appear faded or mellowed by time and agents which the carpets have been exposed to in their lifetime. The pile has thus developed that typical patina so praised by antiques connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts. The Abrash effect is another very common feature; these rugs frequently show colour variations which create particular shades especially on monochromatic open fields. The alternative batch of dark and light colourations results from the use of various bundles of wool. It may also derive from a chemical alteration in colour hues due to the handicraft manufacturing process.

The purchase of an Antique Carpet is no doubt a remarkable investment with a precise and commensurate economic value. On account of their increasingly rare availability, the value of these specimens is bound to increase over time as the steady auction sales prove.

The main kinds of carpets included in this category are: Afshari Antique Carpets - Karabak Antique Carpets - Kashan Antique Carpets - Kazak Antique Carpets - Kirman Antique Carpets - Lilian Antique Carpets - Pechino Antique Carpets - Sarug Antique Carpets