Nowadays, most products are sold online. You can buy the widest range of carpets while sitting comfortably at home, with a simple click. Internet-sales is a modern way to shop since the prices can be kept low, through rational handling and large purchases - money that the customers benefit on. Now carpet sales are following this emerging trend as well – the main aim is to get a bargain from home, saving time and money.

Carpeteden online Shop succeeds in delivering the best quality at lower prices than the average. This goal is achieved by purchasing products directly from the source and selling them straight to the public, without any intermediary.

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When shopping on the Internet you can choose among a huge variety of top quality products. You can compare prices and through user-friendly navigation filters you can instantly find the carpet you are looking for. When shopping in a regular carpet shop it is often difficult to get an overview of the whole product line-up and find the desired size, colour and motif. You will probably be helped by a seller that often tries to influence you. Shopping online you can take your time, read the facts about the carpets and choose the carpet which perfectly suits your home in peace and quiet. And you can always count on our customer service, with experts ready to provide the best advice.

Once you have received the carpet, you can feel and examine it and see whether it really fits into your home. Fast delivery directly to your home and with the same rights as a store provides the consumer good possibilities of a good deal. If you don’t like the carpet you can always return it within 30 days (see Terms and Conditions.)

Another way of purchasing a carpet could be at an auction. The positive side of this kind of purchasing is the price, even though when buying rare rugs there is the risk that they might overcome the market price. However, bear in mind that you cannot return the carpet when buying at an auction! .

Shopping on the Internet you will save a lot of time by not having to visit many stores and other places of purchase.

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And you will benefit from all the advantages of direct purchasing. As a matter of fact, we help you select the most suitable carpet for your home through the highest transparency by using only top quality pictures to give a realistic description of our products and allowing you to zoom details. For each carpet we show a picture of the back side of the piece, which is pivotal in assessing the product quality. In this way you can examine the weave and determine whether this is hand- or a machine-woven handicraft.