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How to choose a capet

Get Ideas how to choose a carpet

Some easy tips can help you select the right carpet for any home environment. A fitting choice can turn a simple object into a real decor item. This section will provide you with some useful advice on how to choose your carpet


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Carpet History

Hand-made carpet weaving is a traditional art around the world that has been practiced by numerous populations from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. It has initially spread among people of North Africa up to the Middle East, Central Asia and India


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Carpets Origins

Carpets are works of art expressing the history and culture of the populations that produced and still produce them by hand. They tell the history of the weavers who made them and reveal aspects of their traditions, which make each carpet unique

Handmade carpets

Discover Categories and quality of carpets

Carpets are classified into different categories, ranging from classic floral or geometric carpets, oriental or nomadic carpets up to the most contemporary pieces such as the Shaggy or children’s carpets


symbolism in carpets

Carpet Symbols

In the western world carpets are viewed as valuable items to decorate home flooring. Back in time, in lots of eastern countries these handicrafts were used to interpret messages with much more complex meaning. 
Decorative patterns are one of the most fascinating aspects about the art of carpet weaving. Numerous designs depict very ancient symbols

Hand made carpets

How classical carpets are manufactered

Carpets have always been woven on looms. The construction of carpets consists of weft and warp which are bound together to create the foundation. Knots are rigorously tied by hand onto the warps and once the standing end is cut off it forms the compact and velvety pile of the carpet



The secret for the perfect maintanace of your carpets

When visiting a museum you will obviously have the opportunity to contemplate an antique Persian rug. Your carpet can age so well, too. What’s the secret? That’s easier than you can imaging: you just have to follow some simple rules to keep your rug in perfect condition