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How to choose a capet

How to choose the right Carpet

We prepare some suggestion and some tips that can help you to select the right carpet for your home environment. Make your home decor unique and original. A fine carpet will sure make a huge difference. Discover our useful advice

Wool Carpets

Peresian Carpets History

Hand-Knotted carpet is an antique art of carpets manufacturing. Carpet History start a lot of time ago when Middle Asian populations had the necessity to create a warm and comfortable place for live


Carpets from middle asia

Geographical Origin of Carpets

Carpets are usually define by the geographical area of the origin of the Carpets. Carpets are a mix of culture and tradition and technique of the  the population who made them. Most of the carpets are still produce in the same place of their origin, and that make each carpet a unique piece of art

Hand Knotted Carpets

Carpets Styles

Carpets are organised in a various categories,  characterized  by different styles of the carpets. Different pattern, motif, kind of weaving and manufacturing. So you can find oriental Carpets or nomadic carpets, Kilim or Shaggy Carpets


Symbols in Chinese carpets

Symbols in Chinese and Persian carpets

Carpets are rich in history and tradition, on carpets motifs you can find a lot of symbolic elements. The symbolism in carpets come from the eastern countries, like china and Iran (Persia).

Decorative elements are one of the most captivating things about the art of carpet weaving. Discover the undercover meaning of Chinese and Persian carpets

Carpet weaving

Weaving of Carpets

Carpets manufactury start with a looms woven. The structure of carpets is compose by weft and warp which are bound together to create the base of the carpets. In the weaving of a carpets a central elements are the Knots, they are rigorously tied by hand, for create a velvety pile of a carpet



Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a Carpets by yourself is not so difficult how look like, you just have to follow some simple tricks to keep your rug in perfect condition for a long time