Best way to clean carpet

Remember that you should always keep your carpet cleaning as gravel and sand wear the yarn and deteriorate it over time. 

To keep your carpet in good shape, we advise you to clean it on a daily, basis using a very soft broom, preferably of broomcorn. 

You should then vacuum it once a week with a moderately powerful vacuum cleaner. 

Be careful not to damage fringes and vacuum even the back side of the carpet. 

Beating carpets should be avoided, especially by means of electric beaters. 

However, where the use of such devices is necessary, make sure you beat only the back side of the carpet.

  • Vacuum Cleaner of the Carpets 

Only use it when no alternative solution is possible. Be careful that fringes are not sucked into the nozzle and always vacuum the carpet in the direction of the pile. The vacuum cleaner mustn’t be too much powerful and has to be fitted with a soft brush and wheels to easily lift it after each movement. A good advice is to firstly pass the vacuum cleaner over the back side of the carpet. A broomcorn broom should ideally be used each day to sweep the carpet, passing through its pile as a comb through hair, and vacuuming should be done once a week. Have a look at the pictures of a carpet after vacuuming.

Cleaning machines, beaters and steam cleaners. You must absolutely avoid them! These machines are intended to clean machine-knotted/Modern Ceap Carpets or wall-to-wall carpeting and not hand-woven fabrics. Steam temperature exceeds 100°C, so what would happen with your wool jumpers if washed at 100°C? They would be reduced to a wool ball! Remember that high temperature is always a wool killer.

  • Ammonia, Alkaline Detergents 

Each chemical product alters the natural balance of fats and other organic compounds contained in wool and thus compromises the long lifetime of a carpet in good shape. Damages caused by ammonia become visible after lots of years as colours appear to fade unevenly.

You can clean your carpet and bring back its luster with a solution of water and white vinegar or water and baking soda (easily at hand in any kitchen). Non-alkaline, natural soap can be used alternatively.

  • Beating 

The common old-fashioned beater will be the right tool to remove dust from carpets. You don’t have to sweat your guts out to make sure that your carpet is clean. This result is achieved by simply learning the proper techniques. So remember that carpets, even when heavy and large in size, have to be laid down with the pile downward on a dried floor.

Some good advice is to frequently flip your carpet upside down, keeping it in the same place where it usually lays. Then lift one corner of your carpet and beat it delicately. Antique or silk carpets mustn’t absolutely be treated in this way and should be handled by trained specialists.

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