colors, shades, tints

The colour of your carpet obviously has to match the environment where it is placed. However, a carpet should be considered as a real piece of art, just like a painting! Thus, although the choice of the right colour is important, the carpet doesn’t rigorously have to be the same colour as your tent, cough etc…

The first thing to take into consideration is the colour of your floor. It is always a good advice to create some contrast. Therefore you should avoid combining a light colour carpet and a very light floor to prevent your carpet from going unnoticed as an anonymous décor item. Flat-weave carpets are the perfect solution for parquet flooring, printed ceramic, mosaics or tiles, whereas pure colour tones are recommended for more minimalist decoration styles. A classic style house should be beautified with carpets displaying warm-coloured motifs. Following these suggestions, even the least valuable flooring can become a perfect frame, bringing added value to the surrounding environment.

Colouring has to be in harmony with the furniture and the overall decoration taste. If your living room shows bold tones, we suggest you to select a neutral coloured carpet that won’t get in conflict with other hues. On the contrary, dare to play with bright tones and rich prints if the room has a neutral palette.

Through our navigation filters you can select a colour to view only the carpets coming in this predominant tone. This will make it easier for you to pick up the colours that better fit in your environment.

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