You have to be very careful when measuring the size of your carpet. Use a tape measure of the right length to get an exact size of the carpet. Sometimes you can use few old newspapers arranged together to get a physical feel for the size of your chosen carpet on the floor.


  • Living room
  • Dining room table
  • King size bedroom
  • Entrance
  • Kids’ bedroom

How to choose the carpet dimension

Living room carpets

Always watch out for any objects or walls that could prevent you from properly placing the carpet.

If you want to place a rug in front of a sofa, you have different options:

It is fine to have the front two legs of a sofa on the rug and the back two legs off the rug. Not only will this solution prevent the rug from moving, but it is also recommended by the best design experts as it makes the room appear larger and less static.

In this case you should take the measure leaving 20-30 cm of the carpet under the sofa.

Otherwise you can place the sofa completely off the carpet, without covering any part of it. Obviously, the advantage of this solution is that it showcases the whole design of your carpet.

If you want to buy a carpet you can sit on, perhaps a piece to place in front of a TV set, we suggest you to select a soft, tough and easy-to-clean piece. If you wish to buy a carpet for your living room, which is probably occupied partly by a table and partly by a lounge area, you can opt for two mid-sized rugs instead of just one large rug. They don’t have to match each other, but they must have the same shape, weave or colour, yet combining different materials and pile height.

Ideal sizes:

240x170 cm carpet
300x200 cm carpet
300x250 cm carpet
Living room carpet
Dining room table carpets

Dining room table carpets

If you intend for a rug to lie underneath a dining room table, you have two options:

Make sure your rug size includes some chair room. In this case measure the top of the table and add 10-15 cm to each side.

Place the table to have the back two legs of the chair off the carpet and the front two legs on the carpet. In this case take the measure so that half chair stands on the carpet.

Both options are good. If you have a very large space, the best solution is to cover it with a very large piece, preventing you from scratching the floor when moving the chairs. In case the space where your table is placed is not so large, you should opt for the second alternative to prevent a wall-to-wall effect

If you wish to place the carpet underneath your living room table or in areas with higher foot traffic, you should choose a hardy and easy-to-clean piece. The carpet must be placed so as to leave enough space for chairs to be easily pulled in and out. So take careful measurements.

240x170 cm Carpet
350x250cm Carpet

King size bedroom

A king size bedroom lends itself to different options

-A runner at the bottom of the bed, usually 200 cm in length.

-A large carpet underneath the bed; allowing it to extend at least 40-50 cm on the sides and the foot of the bed.

The most common kinds of carpets in bedrooms include Persian, Chinese, Tibetan and Decorative carpets. In order to showcase a piece of furniture like a bed or a wardrobe make sure that your rug extends at least 80 cm and 20 cm respectively on each side of the bed and the wardrobe.

Ideal size:

150x100 cm Carpet
180x120 cm Carpet
200x140 cm Carpet 
200x80 cm Carpet

bedroom carpet
Tappeti corridoio o salotto


We offer a wide selection of runners for long entryways.

BE CAREFUL WHEN MEASURING CARPET THICKNESS. Make sure that the carpet is of the right thickness to let the door open and close smoothly.

A good rule of thumb is to always leave breathing room between the carpet and the wall to prevent that sort of wall-to-wall carpet effect. 10-20 cm is usually enough. To make the entrance feel larger and brighter it is recommended that you choose light colour tones, while in larger foyers, or in spaces where the carpets can serve as the room’s focal point, you can opt for bolder and more vivid hues. Darker colour tones are also suitable if the room is well lit. If you wish to highlight a single piece of furniture or an object, light tones are the ideal choice.

Kids’ bedroom

Kids’ bedrooms usually incorporate a rather large carpet also used as a soft play pad for kids.

If you want to embellish the bedroom of your teenage children, then, bold colour Shaggy carpets are the right choice for you.

The better solutions are a bedside carpet or a piece to place in the middle of the room.

240x170 cm Carpet
300x200 cm Carpet

Kid's carpet bedroom