These Fashion carpets are conceived and designed by experienced designers on behalf of popular international fashion labels. They are produced to address an increasingly demanding and exclusive market and the brand which they represent is the distinctive mark of their absolute refinement.

Thanks to these specimens the concept of ‘brand’ has finally entered the world of carpets, setting precise limits to the obsolescence of modern products. Excellent quality materials, outstanding design research, selected distribution channels are the key elements characterizing this new generation of absolutely exclusive carpets which make of style refinement their point of honor.

Fashion Ralph Lauren pony rug

Ralph Lauren Carpet

Fashion Guyve Alexander Rug

Guyve Alexander Carpet

Fashion Calvin Klein Rug

Calvin Klein Carpet

The main Fashion Carpets included in this category are:Calvin Klein, Guyve Alexander,  Lauren, Lauren Monogram, Modern EleganceRL Alistar, RL Fairfax, Ralph Lauren.