Modern carpets are conceived to meet the fast spreading demand for carpets matching more contemporary, modern and minimalist interiors.

New lines of Modern carpets have been designed to combine a new aesthetic impact and the high quality of a carpet woven by hand. Nowadays, Modern carpets have a fine weave and a short pile. They are woven with valuable wool which is coloured with natural dyes, giving life to subtle hues and plain designs.

These pieces are real Oriental carpets with minimalist and often monochromatic patterns which meet a youthful and refined taste.

Sherpa modern rug

Sherpa Carpet

Lori fine Modern Carpet

Lori Fine Carpet

Gabbè Peshawar Modern Rug

Gabbè Peshawar Carpet

The main Modern Carpets included in this category are: Gabbeh CarpetsPelle Patchwork Carpet, Sherpa Carpet, Tufted Carpet