weaving carpetsNowadays, carpets are still produced in the places they originate from, and while preserving the ancient weaving techniques, they are decorated with designs suiting western aesthetic taste. Another expression of the meeting of East and West. Carpets have lost their religious meanings and increasingly acquired a decorative function. However, they are still valuable handicrafts, woven by hand one at a time using wool, silk and plant fibers. 

They are always the fruit of a research rooted in nature which turns simple elements such as fibers and dyes into unique creations, following a millennium-old tradition. Handmade carpet weaving is a time-consuming process. It takes months of work to create pieces of high workmanship blending passion and a millennium-old tradition. 

Weavers are not only craftsmen. They are artists that don’t make just simple carpets. They make their handicrafts with passion, being aware that they will not be considered mere decorative items. As real works of art they will become a vehicle of emotion and witness an outstanding form or art that has remained unchanged over centuries.