All the carpets on sale at have gone through a very thorough quality control procedure.


All carpets are selected by highly qualified staff boasting decades of experience in carpet industry. Firstly, we inspect carpets when buying them in the manufacturing countries and often purchase them directly from the loom in their place of origin. In this way we can deliver the very best quality at a better price.

Top quality material is the allmark of our products and we constantly search for the best quality craftsmanship. As a matter of fact, when the carpets have been polished, washed and dried, they are inspected again to repair any hole and misses coming from weaving. Afterwards, when the carpets reach our warehouse they are inspected again to make sure that no damages occurred during transportation. Finally, the last inspection is done before the product is shipped to the client to ensure that the piece you will be delivered is perfect and in good condition! It should be stressed that the carpets that don’t meet our standards will not be put up for sale and discounted products are free of any defect.

Hand woven high quality rugs

You should also be aware that village and nomadic carpets can have minor deviations in colour (Abrash), patterns or shape which give the carpet greater value and make it unique.