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Fascinating, magical and mysterious the color of the year 2014 is the Radiant Orchid.

Fascinating, magical and mysterious! The color of the year 2014 is Radiant Orchid.

Vital and inviting, Radiant Orchid has magic warm tones, set up on a violet base with a graduated shading of pink and purple. This color suggest creativity and immagination, intrigues the eye and sparks the immagination. A mixing of enchanting fuxia, purple and pink tones that emanates joy, love and charm. Radiant Orchid in your Environments.

Radiant Orchid is a lively and versatile shade, perfect to be combined with every kind of enviroment; For this prismatic hue, Radiant Orchid became very seductive pulled over red, and very romantic matched with lavander colour.

This is the perfect colour to create a focus point in your home, to create a frame around furniture pieces and accessories. Sophisticated and elegant, it is the perfect combination between Orchid and olive green. It contrasts very nicely with turquoise, hunter green, and light yellow. 

With it's vibrant tone of colour it livens up the neutral and pastel tones of gray, beige and taupe. Perfect to energize any colour palette.

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Jaquard Patchwork 6'57''x4'60'' ft
$231  $146
Agra Staple 3'2''x2'4'' ft
$132  $60
Cina Antique 11'59''x9'6'' ft
$12,062  $8,462
Shaggy Twilight 6'57''x4'60'' ft
$335  $208
Tibet Fine Mix Silk 7'88''x5'58'' ft
$1,979  $1,197
Shaggy Twilight 2'47''x2'47'' ft
$75  $50
Tibet Fine Mix Silk 9'85''x6'57'' ft
$2,910  $1,760
Shaggy Tiffany 6'57''x4'60'' ft
$335  $128
Needle Point Fine 8'96''x5'98'' ft
$1,457  $1,030
Kirman Laver 6'67''x4'76'' ft
$786  $440
Ardebil Silk Base 6'89''x4'43'' ft
$1,782  $1,077
Yamta 60 Knots 9'85''x8'24'' ft
$3,291  $2,318