Vintage carpets have become highly fashionable pieces only over the past few years. They are the resultant of a reinterpretation of the traditional Oriental Carpet, which is simply re-dyed to get a new personality.

The secrete of these Vintage carpets is the use of trendy colourings and stunning designs on specimens that boast a remarkable history. The outcome is a more dynamic handicraft which suits the most modern environments.

The creation of vintage carpets has been possible thanks to the amazing skill of master craftsmen and their versatility in addressing new market demands. Pieces in different colours and patterns are cut and then stitched together into a new solution with a remarkable taste for style and the finally re-dyed. Vintage carpets blend in nicely with any kind of decoration, from modern to classic styles.

Vintage Carpets, Patchwork Carpets, Vintage luxor Carpets

Vintage Carpets

Vintage Carpets

Patchwork Carpets

Vintage Carpets

Patchwork carpets

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